What is Diamond Painting? --- onedaysaving


A diamond drawing sounds interesting to many people, but it's easy for them to get confused about what it actually is. The reason is their lack of knowledge about diamond painting. Read on with onedaysaving to find out what a diamond painting is.

Diamond painting is a combination of cross stitch and digital painting.

Diamond painting is a new creative hobby that is taking the world by storm, especially among DIY craft lovers. Even newbies and those struggling with other crafts will find diamond painting easy and enjoyable. We create a painting by gluing small resins that sparkle like diamonds onto a canvas printed with the corresponding numbers for all the diamond colors.

By using the color chart, you can tell which DMC diamond painting code corresponds to which color of the diamond. The color chart is usually printed on the border of the artwork in the area around the diamond painting.

The DMC number is printed on each pack of diamond bits. We found them very easy to read/identify. Double check your diagram.

No glue is required to add the drill to the canvas, as the adhesive holds each diamond you draw in place. You don't need extra diamonds as our kits come with all the bits you need to complete your project.