Top 5 Tips For Diamond Painting ------ onedaysaving


Tip 1: How to flatten it out of the rolled diamond painting

You don't need to put the book on it, you don't need to wait overnight to flatten it. One of the fastest ways to unfold the canvas is to peel off the adhesive layer in a corner and then press it with your hands to reapply. You will have to repeat this process, lifting the protective layer and re-applying all remaining sides. You will see the canvas flattening so fast. The biggest advantage is that the canvas will not only flatten, but some wrinkles will also be smoothed.


Tip 2: How to better store diamond painting drills

You can find the following storage box at This storage box can conveniently store your diamonds.


Drawer Storage Box Series


Tip 3:How to keep the edges of the diamond painting clean

The diamond painting here has a very sticky edge, if we just leave it as it is, when we work, it will be filled with fluff, so it looks really ugly, it will become gray and fuzzy, so now we start For a new painting, peel off the adhesive layer and stick tape around the edges. It makes the edges very beautiful and keeps them clean. You can find this tape at


10pcs 3m*1.5cm Washi Tape Glitter Luminous Stickers Stationery


Tip 4: About your way of working

We may see a lot of comments on Facebook groups, discussing how we should work diamond painting, should we start from the bottom, or should we start from the top. This may be a question of many people, the following is the advice given by recommends starting from the top. Generally speaking, we use the right-hand point drill. We will start from the upper right corner. When we fill this area with diamonds, we have no chance to let sweat and dust stick to our arms. In addition, if we start from the top when we are working, we can push this piece away from us and continue to work downward, and it is supported on our working desk. If we work from the bottom up while working, this A diamond painting will end up sitting on our lap, because we stretch to the top while working, and then we may have to rotate it and turn and handle the upside-down symbols, which may cause us great inconvenience.


Tip 5: Diamond painting tool set light-emitting board LED lighting copy light board

This diamond painted light board is a smooth luminous cushion, bright enough to help you see the symbols on the diamond! Allows you to clearly see the symbols, letters and numbers on the canvas. You can control and adjust the brightness by touching or long pressing the switch. Three-level adjustable brightness is conducive to careful drawing and diamond drawing, easy to carry. You can find it at

Diamond painting tool set light-emitting board LED lighting copy light board combination