How To Seal Diamond Painting? --- onedaysaving


When you spend a few months to complete a magnificent diamond painting, you will worry that as the years go by, will your diamond painting stand the test of time? You may be concerned about how long your diamond bead can stay in place, or how long its sparkle lasts.

In this diamond painting article, learn how to seal a diamond painting. Sealing your diamond painting will lock all the diamonds in place and significantly extend the life of your completed project.

How to Seal Diamond Painting in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Make sure that all diamonds are properly set by applying weight or using a rolling pin.

Flatten the canvas. The goal is to ensure that all diamonds are completely flat and firmly locked to the canvas adhesive.

Step 2: Apply sealant

100ml Diamond Painting Sealer Conserver Permanent Hold Shine Effect Agent

Apply this type lightly and completely cover the painting, adding layers until you are satisfied. After finishing the first layer, apply the second or third layer until you are satisfied. Make sure you don't apply too much, it will darken the glitter.